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4th Annual – Toronto Beaches Film Festival – Official Selections Announced

4th Annual Toronto Beaches Film Festival July 03-15, 2015

4th Annual Toronto Beaches Film Festival (TBFF) July 03-15, 2015

We are pleased to announce our Official Selections for the 4th Annual Toronto Beaches Film Festival! Most of these Films and Documentaries will have their ‘Canadian Premiere’ right here at TBFF.  In alphabetical order, our Premieres are:

  • ‘Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition’
    • (28:44m, Switzerland) Documentary dir. Christoph von Toggenburg
  • ‘Bolero for Surfing in Moravia
    • (91:37m, Prague, Venezuela) Film dir. Valerio Mendoza
  • ‘Falling Stars
    • (5:11m, USA) Documentary dir. Karen Martin
  • ‘Green Zombies
    • (3:20m, USA) Film dir. Krishna Devine
  • ‘Happy Town: Surf Suit
    • (5:22m, Canada) Mocumentary dir. Fred Kroetsch
  • Life’s A Beach
    • (52:58, United Kingdom) Documentary dir. John Baker
  • No Extras
    • (15:01, USA) dir.Andrew Pilmer
  • Single In South Beach Beach
    • (94:14, USA) Film dir. Alejandro Itkin
  • Start Local
    • (74:12, Midland, Ontario) Film dir. Nate Lacroix
  • Strange Rumblings in Shangri La
    • (54:24m, USA) Film/Doc Hybrid dir. Joe Guglielmino (“Joe G”)
  • Sybil and Betts: Requiem For A Friendship
    • (43:42m, Canada) Documentary dir. David Bajurny
  • The Paddler Movie
    • (43:10m, Toronto, Canada) Documentary dir. Carey Missler
  • Voyage
    • (3:20m, London, Canada) Film dir. Shaughn Cameron
  • Walking In Two Worlds
    • (43:10m, USA) Documentary dir. Bo Boudart

The 4th Annual TBFF Festival Program and Advance Ticket Sales will be Online Saturday April 25 at TorontoBeachesFilmFest.com