Thursday September 07- 6:45Thursday September 07 – 8:45
Friday September 08 – 6:45Friday September 08 – 8:45
Saturday September 09 – 4:00 – Saturday September 09 – 6:45Saturday September 09 – 8:45


Thursday September 07, 6:45 PM

Beach United Church Community Complex
140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4

Thursday, Sept 7, 2017, 6.45PM – $ 12 each :

*Single Ticket
Thursday, Sept 7, 2017, 6.45PM – TWO for $ 20 each :
*Two Tickets (Save $4!)

7:58 min – Documentary *World Premiere
Dir. Francis Luta – Toronto, Canada

A beautiful, silent film profile on Adam Shoalts, called “Canada’s Indiana Jones” by The Toronto Star. Shoalts is a professional explorer and adventurer, trail-blazing into the last unexplored places on the planet. In 2013, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) for “extraordinary contributions to geography” and presented the Society’s expedition flag to His Excellency David Johnston, Governor General of Canada and patron of the RCGS.

Keywords: #Wilderness #Explorer #Environment #Water #Geography #Rapids #Canoe #Portage
Country of Filming: Canada

Fishermen Without A Sea
20 min – Documentary *Canada Premiere
Dir. Lucas Bonetti – Honolulu, HI, United States

A look behind the official clean-up campaign for the 2016 Rio Olympics, Fishermen Without a Sea reveals the struggles of local fishermen and environmentalists to retain their way of life in the face of environmental degradation. Sérgio, a wise old man of the sea at only 65, reminisces about the old days when the sea teemed with marine life and points to the forces that are destroying artisanal fishing. This film brings into harsh relief the danger facing anyone who cares about the future of Guanabara Bay, its watery wildlife, and the humans who care for them all. With less than a year until the start of the Olympic Games, the mainstream media is concerned about the health of the athletes sailing in races on the Bay. But what about the people who already live there?

Keywords: #Fishermen #GuanabaraBay #RioOlympics #Environmental #Water
Countries of Filming: Bahamas, Canada, Honduras, Senegal, United States

44 min – Documentary *North America Premiere
Dir. Jean-Julien Pous – France, Seoul, South Korea, Republic of Korea

​Resonances is a gorgeous invitation to discover Korea and France through the ritual of two atypical farmers. One is a woman diver or ‘Haenyeo’ from the island of Jeju. The other is a shepherdess making goat cheese in a hamlet in the Pyrenees. They reveal themselves through their relationship to the animal world, earth, air and the liquid element. Rivers of clouds winding through highlands echo to the surf of the sea on volcanic rocks. The ghostly mist absorbs the animals and their owners, while the black silhouettes of divers disappear in the water. Thus the two worlds resonate.

Keywords: #France #Korea #Jeju #Pyrenees #GoatCheese #Fisherwomen #Divers #Squid #Seaweed
Countries of Filming: Bahamas, Canada, Honduras, Senegal, United States

Official TBFF Opening Film
An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch
(Narrated by Ted Danson – Cheers, Becker)
46 min – Documentary *Toronto Premiere
Dir. Alison Barrat – Annapolis, MD, United States

Narrated by actor and ocean conservationist Ted Danson and a co-production with The Smithsonian Channel, this film reveals a frightening truth about our oceans as we follow the work of the world’s premier fisheries scientist, Dr. Daniel Pauly in this detective story that ranges from the Atlantic coastline to the reefs of the Bahamas and the shores of Senegal. Along the way Dr. Pauly and his team make startling discoveries about the impact of black market fisheries, the recreational fishing industry and more. This film is a call to arms for governments around the world to take a better accounting of their fish stocks before we face a global food catastrophe.

Keywords: Jamaica Reef Rescue, Sharks of the Coral Canyon, Mapping the Blue, National Geographic Explorer
Countries of Filming: Bahamas, Canada, Honduras, Senegal, United States

Thursday September 07, 8:45 PM

Beach United Church Community Complex
140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4

Thursday, Sept 7, 2017, 8.45PM – $ 12 each :

*Single Ticket
Thursday, Sept 7, 2017, 8.45PM – TWO for $ 20 each :
*Two Tickets (Save $4!)


Ghost Nets
23:06 min – Film *Canada Premiere
Dir. Mark Bousfield – Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom

Two estranged brothers decide to try and repair their relationship when their father dies, taking a trip to a wilderness beach in search of peace. What they find there is anything but peaceful.

Keywords: #Brothers #Brotherhood #SiblingRivalry #Thriller #Beach #Drama #Dysfunctional #Family
Country of Filming: United Kingdom

SACA – The Story of Tiago Pires
96:32 min – Documentary *North America Premiere
Dir. Julio Adler – Lisbon, Portugal

Considered the greatest Portuguese surfer of all time and one of the main surfers responsible for Europe’s positioning in the world of surfing, Tiago Pires, mostly known as “Saca”, has changed the history of this sport in his country.
How was the path of this surfer that fought against bias and distrust to attain a goal that was considered impossible for a Portuguese surfer.

With testimonies from world champions such as Tom Carroll, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Sunny Garcia, CJ Hobgood, Joel Parkinson and Adriano de Souza, this film probes subjects such as: Surfers (and athletes in general) reaction to defeat. The pressure of competing at home, life on the WSL tour, how to relate to other surfers when you travel together but compete against one another. Is it possible to have real friends on Tour? Why is it important to know when to stop..

Keywords: #Surfing #Surf #Saca
Countries of Filming: Australia, Fiji, France, Portugal, Spain, United States

Friday September 08, 6:00 PM

Beach United Church Community Complex
140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4

Friday, Sept 8, 2017, 6.00PM – $ 12 each :

*Single Ticket
6:00PM (Discussion) 6:45PM (Film Starts)
Friday, Sept 8, 2017, 6.00PM – TWO for $ 20 each :
*Two Tickets (Save $4!)
6:00PM (Discussion) 6:45PM (Film Starts)

Join local Toronto Filmmaker Dan Berman, Columnist and writer Shawn Micallef (Toronto Star) and some of Toronto’s Top Conservation and Urban Planning Experts in a lively Pre-show Discussion about our City and it’s Green Spaces.
(“Accidental Parkland” will start at 6:45PM sharp!)

Accidental Parkland – Featuring Shawn Micallef (Toronto Star Writer)
55:43 min – Documentary *Toronto Premiere
Dir. Dan Berman – Toronto, Canada

Toronto is often perceived to be a flat geography, but the truth is that civil engineering has hidden a vast network of river ravines from our sight. Many people are unaware of this bounty of green spaces that add up to 30 times the area of NYC’s Central Park. We hope to change the way people see the nature we’re fortunate to have in our midst. These oases from the swirl of urban life will become even more important to our quality of life as our city continues to grow.

Shawn Micallef is a weekly columnist with the Toronto Star, co-founder of Spacing magazine, and an instructor at the University of Toronto. He is a frequent commentator on urban issues and is known for his passion for the city – its geography, architecture, culture, and people.

Keywords: #Nature #Environment #Parks #Water #Urban #Development #PaddleTheDon
Country of Filming: Canada

Its Not About The Cycle
62 min – Documentary *World Premiere
Dir. Achyutanand Dwivedi – Mumbai, Maharashatra, India

Like most aspiring writers in search of something – a former doctor decides to discover his country on a cycle. His final destination – the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi! IT’S NOT ABOUT THE CYCLE is a travel documentary unfolding across 6 Indian states in 22 days. India’s eclectic citizens, from con artists to pilgrims, farmers to philosophers, are the spokes on which the film revolves as it spins across the rolling landscapes. This is also a personal journey of a writer, and the process of getting his first book published.

Keywords: #Cycling #Biking #ExtremeAdventure #AdventureTravel #Travel #India #WritersBlock
Country of Filming: India

Friday September 08, 8:45 PM

Beach United Church Community Complex
140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4

Friday, Sept 8, 2017, 8.45PM – $ 12 each :

*Single Ticket
Friday, Sept 8, 2017, 8.45PM – TWO for $ 20 each :
*Two Tickets (Save $4!)

The Reindeer Belong To The Wind (Finnish with English subtitles)
38:58 min – Documentary *Ontario Premiere
Dir. Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen – Mikkeli, Finland
Sami actress Anni-Kristiina Juuso (Kukushka 2002, Russia) takes viewers to her local Sami community. The Sami People, traditionally known in English as Laplanders, have long kept silent but decide now to open up and let the world know what threatens traditional Sami reindeer herding, such as mining, fencing, tourism and land use. This documentary gives a voice to people rarely heard in Finnish cultural and political life. The reindeer story is one we can all relate to. Give us freedom, a place to roam and a place to call our home…

Keywords: #Nature #Environment #Reindeer #Finland #SamiPeople
Country of Filming: Finland

Crab Trap
24:48 min – Film *Canada Premiere
Dir. Shea Sizemore – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States

Crawling back from the edge of society, Thirsty tries to prove he’s a “changed man” to his sister in order to gain access to his daughter once again. Featuring strong performances by veteran character actor Danny Vinson and actress Rebecca Koon.

Keywords: #SecondChances #Alcohol #Addiction #Aging #Family
Country of Filming: United States

The Race Of Gentlemen
62 min – Documentary *Canada Premiere
Dir. Wayne Gibson – Richmond, VA, United States

While the world is marching forward in the pursuit of new technology these gentlemen are stepping backwards and embracing the old technology as it relates to their passion for the “traditional’ style of hot rodding. Filmed over a three year period, “The Race Of Gentlemen” is a revealing documentary about the men who build hot rods and then race them in this annual event. This subculture has gained recognition through worldwide publicity. Spectators travel from all over come to witness this event.

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Keywords: #HotRods #Vintage #Speed #GoodOldDays #Cars #Racing
Country of Filming: United States

The Family Fun-Zone is Cancelled – Screenings Start at 6:45PM

Saturday September 09, 4:00 PM

Beach United Church Community Complex
140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4

Join the TBFF Team In the Family Fun Zone for a fun afternoon of games, prizes and summer snacks. Parents – Please bring Sunscreen and your own Camping Chairs or Beach Blankets
(The Family Friendly Films will start at 6:45PM sharp!)

Saturday, Sept 9, 2017, 4.00PM, Family Fun Zone – $ 12 each :

*Single Ticket Ticket *INCLUDES* Films at 6:45PM Today!
Saturday, Sept 9, 2017, 4.00PM – TWO for $ 20 each :
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Tickets *INCLUDE* Films at 6:45PM Today!
Saturday, Sept 9, 2017, 4.00PM – Family Pack for $ 45 each :
*Two Adults + Up to 4 Kids!

Tickets *INCLUDE* Films at 6:45PM Today!

Saturday September 09, 6:45 PM

Beach United Church Community Complex
140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4

Saturday, Sept 9, 2017, 6.45PM – $ 12 each :

*Single Ticket
Saturday, Sept 9, 2017, 6.45PM – TWO for $ 20 each :
*Two Tickets (Save $4!)

The Other (L’autre)
6:41 min – Documentary *Ontario Premiere
Dir. Joe Hoster – Lausanne, Switzerland
A documentary music movie shot camera in hand, out of the sheer and powerful necessity to report and investigate the everyday lives of refugee children populating the streets of Beirut.

Keywords: #Children #Refugee #Beirut
Country of Filming: Beirut, Lebanon

300 Tires And An Old Sofa
10:36 min – Documentary *Canada Premiere
Dir. Phil Audibert – Gordonsville, VA, United States
A summer jobs program rids two scenic rivers in Virginia of unsightly trash.

Keywords: #Environment #CleanUp #Nature #Rivers #Water #WaterContamination #Dumping #StreamSweepers
Country of Filming: United States


Alaotra – Endangered Treasures of Madagascar
72:07 min – Documentary *North America Premiere
Dir. Julia Dordel, Dir. Guido Tölke – Hanover, Germany

A group of European and Malagasy conservationists are trying to save the last of the rare Alaotra Gentle Lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis) – called “Bandro” – in Madagascar. Its habitat – crucial for survival of the Bandro – continues to be destroyed, so these scientists and conservationists revert to extraordinary measures: Playing educational, reality-based boardgames with the locals to change behaviours and turn the wheel of extinction around because the Alaotra can survive only in the marshes surrounding the lake, and it is facing extinction due to drastic changes in its natural habitat.

See some of Madagascar’s hidden places – far away from the touristic centers – to find out what can happen when derivates of our modern times seep slowly into traditional ways of living. What can be done to strike a balance between yesterday and tomorrow; between conservation and development?

Keywords: #Bandro #Lemurs #Madagascar #AnimalRights #Alaotra #Science #Nature #Wildlife
Countries of Filming: Germany, Madagascar, Switzerland

Saturday September 09, 8:45 PM

Beach United Church Community Complex
140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4

Saturday, Sept 9, 2017, 8.45PM – $ 12 each :

*Single Ticket
Saturday, Sept 9, 2017, 8.45PM – TWO for $ 20 each :
*Two Tickets (Save $4!)

Cities Under The Sand
3:31 min – Experimental Film *Ontario Premiere
Dir. Sandra Dillon – Upper Black Eddy, PA, United States
An experimental piece compiled of found 16mm, 8mm and Super 8 film footage
(Director’s Quote)

…Inherited from an Italian uncle whom I have never met. The song is also found from a cassette tape recording of my sister Sharon singing and playing piano in our childhood home. I was gifted boxes upon boxes of film canisters and negatives from Frank’s widowed wife many years ago. It wasn’t until I had the fortunate opportunity whilst working on Roger Waters’ Wall Tour to have all 24 hours of film transferred in exchange for it’s use in the concert production.

The act of culling hours and hours of footage was a very moving and emotional experience for me. Some of the characters were recognizable family members, but most were fleeting images of complete strangers. Holidays, family gatherings, parades and days at the Jersey Shore were all moments captured by a man whom I have never known, although I have inherited his cinematic and photographic legacy.

This piece is about the universal dilemma of mortality and the fear of death. About nostalgia and the fear of being forgotten in time, the fear of aging and disappearing in front of your own eyes. As I grow older, I see how the seemingly unending thread of youth begins to unravel. I don’t want to age. I don’t want to be forgotten. I don’t want my art to be left in obscurity.

Keywords: #Vintage ##FoundFootage #FamilyRecordings #Photography #PhotographicLegacy #Family
Country of Filming: United States

Blue Ventures
6:06 min – Documentary *Canada Premiere
Dir. Gabriel Diamond – Oakland, CA, United States
Alasdair Harris of Blue Ventures in Madagascar builds sustainable coastal communities.

Keywords: #Environment #Coastal #Sustainability #Water #FromSeaToTable #Fishing #DeepSea
Country of Filming: Madagascar

Milk For Britain
13:27 min – Animated Film *Toronto Premiere
Dir. Danijel Margetić – Croatia, Toronto, Canada

This short animated documentary combining the styles of 1930s/1940s propaganda films with comic-book art, tells the history of the WWII program which provided desperately-needed food supplies to the besieged British population.

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Keywords: #ComicBookArt #PropagandaFilm #AnimatedFilm #FoodSupply #GreatBritain #WarTime #WWII #PowderedMilk #MilkForBritain #OperationSeaLion #Kinsmen
Country of Filming: Canada

To Live Deliberately
17:20 min – Documentary *North America Premiere
Dir. Piers Garland – London, United Kingdom

To Live Deliberately delves into the book ‘Walden’ written in 1845 by poet, philosopher and social reformer Henry David Thoreau during his experimentation in Nature with ‘Simplicity’ in his search for a more superior way of life – to be an Individual, particularly as compared with thoughts and opinions of Angus Bevan, a man living and working within Nature, on current day society

In a time where it’s increasingly more difficult to live a conscious life, free from electronic and material distractions along with an ever-more challenging workplace – the urge to retreat to the woods, ‘to front only the essential facts of life’ remains compelling.

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Keywords: #HenryDavidThoreau #Nature #Wildlife #Society #SocietalPressures #TheSimpleLife #Simplify
Countries of Filming: United Kingdom, United States

Official TBFF Closing Film
Last Fisherman
72:59 min – Documentary *Canada Premiere
Dir. James Stier – London, United Kingdom

70 year-old fisherman named Malcolm Baker, is one of the last traditional fisherman of the Rame Peninsula, Cornwall, United Kingdom. Through an unlikely friendship hope is generated for the preservation of his traditional skills and one of the most dangerous and adventurous professions in the world, a profession threatened with extinction. Simultaneously, Malcolm begins positively influencing young Europeans who are in need of a helping tailwind.

Keywords: #RamePeninsula #Cornwall #Fishing #Fisherman #FishingBoat #Craftsman #TheSea #Seashore
Countries of Filming: Austria, United Kingdom