• 2021 Open Call For Films and Documentaries

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Toronto Beaches Film Festival (TBFF)

2021 Season Open Call for Entries!


The Toronto Beaches Film Festival (TBFF) is a festival like no other in the city of Toronto.  The Beaches Community craves film culture and we deliver only the Best in ALL FILM GENRES that fit our “VIBE”. We’re looking for films that have relevance to a *Beach Community*.

3rd World Issues – Activism against Big Companies, Big Brother and the Government – Adventure (or Extreme Adventure) – Animal-Friendly – Beach Culture – Beach Towns – Bio-Friendly – Blues – Boardwalks – Comedy (with a Beach theme) – Dolphins – Drama (with a Beach theme) – Eco-Friendly – Environment Friendly – Family Issues – Green-Friendly – Jazz – Kid-Friendly – Oceanography – Oil in Oceans – Route 66 – Saving our Beaches – Scenic Travelogues – Social Justice – Sports – Surf Music – Surfing – Urban Sustainability – Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly – Water Conservation – Water Animals – Water Fowl – Water Sports – Whales

If your film or documentary has a “beach related” theme, even better! And that theme can be literal or figurative.

Feature films, Short films, Feature docs and Short docs. And vintage beach like stuff your parents took on that old Super 8mm camera on summer vacation.

The 5 Categories for Competition are:

  • Short Film (Narrative) – – under 45 Minutes
  • Feature Film (Narrative) – – over 46 Minutes
  • Short Documentary – – under 45 Minutes
  • Feature Documentary – – over 46 Minutes
  • Vintage Beach or Beach Culture – – Any Length
    • Winners in these categories Win 1st Prize (Best of Category)
    • Winner Receives Personalized Award and/or Goods and/or Services

We ‘may’ also Award the ‘sub’ categories below:

  • Best Activism Film
  • Best Adventure/Extreme Adventure Film
  • Best Animal Friendly Film
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Conservation Film
  • Best Drone Film
  • Best Eco-Friendly/Green Film
  • Best Kid-Friendly Film
  • Best Off The Grid Film
  • Best Surf Film
  • Best Sustainability Film (Natural Resources)
  • Best Travel Film
  • Honorable Mention
  • TBFF Spirit Award
  • Best of the Fest” – – 1 Film wins Overall from all of the 5 categories  and sub categories combined as voted by Audience Choice.
  • Winner will receive personalized award and/or Goods and/or Services

Please Note: All films must be a **Toronto Premiere** in the least and cannot have screened in a 350 mile radius before TBFF. We do not recycle films screened at other festivals in Toronto. We are in partnership with ReelHeART International Film Festival as their Executive Director is our “Artistic Managing Director”.
(NB: There is a possibility that if your film is not suited to TBFF, it may be suited to ReelHeART or GeekFest Toronto – two other great opportunities under our ‘Festival Group’. If so it will be put into screenings round to determine its suitability)