Friday, June 28, 2013, 11:30AM
Fox Theatre Toronto
2236 Queen Street East – Google Maps

11:30AM        2nd Annual Toronto Beaches Film Festival – Opening Day

Friday, June 28, 2013, 11.30AM :
  • Your Advance Ticket Gets You Into The **TBFF Beach Blanket Picnic**
    Saturday June 29 – 2:00PM-5:00PM
  • Location Announced In-Theatre

*Official Opening Film*
“Scars” (Toronto, ON, CAN)
12:30 Short Film
Dir. Cody Campanale

It’s almost Christmas, and Nathan, a bright but socially awkward rich kid joins his friends for an evening of holiday celebration.

They begin a game of sharing secrets, which starts as harmless fun and quickly turns serious when a dark secret from Nathan’s past is revealed that leaves everyone scarred.

Keywords: Drama, Youth, Teen, Adult, Friendship, Incest, Family Issues

The_Common_Sense_Rebellion“The Common Sense Rebellion” (Norway)
16:10 Short Experimental Film
Dir. Sturla Ellingvåg

A grown-up story in the name of heavy metal music from the 1980s to today in Northern Europe. This short avant-garde film is a strong political comment about growing up in a more and more arrogant socialist regime, in the modern Scandinavian social democracy of Norway.

The film was made after the horrible 2011 terror attacks in Norway leaving 77 people dead, mostly young people down to 14 years. The attacks were committed by one man very frustrated with the Norwegian Labor Party, which has ruled most of the time in Norway since WWII. This film seeks to understand the feeling of living in a social democracy when arrogance is felt too often and too much, and how this can lead to different reactions and escapes.

Trailer:  Click on “Watch Trailer”
Keywords: Youth, Adulthood, Friendship, Angst, Rebelliousness, Politics, Norway, Free-Thinkers

Summer_of_sharks“Summer of The Sharks” (USA)
1:22:00 Feature Documentary
Dir. Rusty Armstrong

An inside look at the lives of professional shark divers on the road, doing what they do best; chasing sharks and having fun. Along the way they face the harsh and exciting realities of this sport; ocean storms, aggressive sharks, close quarters, and the startling discovery of their beloved sharks being brutally killed – with a first ever, up-close look at shark fisherman.

Produced by Eli Martinez, founder and editor of Shark Diver Magazine, “Summer of The Sharks” was made to help promote eco-activism by showing a positive side to sharks and showing what’s happening to them rather than “preaching” from an interview stand point. The road trip was a simple idea; dive the best shark spots in the world, and live out their own endless summer.

Keywords:  Water, Scuba Diving, Sea Adventure, Roadtrip, Killing, Snorkel, Sharks, Beaches, Eco-activism

Saturday, June 29, 2013, 11:30 AM

Fox Theatre Toronto
2236 Queen Street East – Google Maps

11:30AM        2nd Annual Toronto Beaches Film Festival – Closing Day

Saturday, June 29, 2013, 11.30 AM :
  • Your Advance Ticket Gets You Into The **TBFF Beach Blanket Picnic**
    Saturday June 29 – 2:00PM-5:00PM –
    Right after the Movies! Games. Prizes. Fun!
  • Location Announced In-Theatre

“Only Child” (USA)
5:26 Short Film
Dir. Christian Gossett

In this delightful short film about a Chinese toy painter has an internal challenge as she is swept into a moment of artistic inspiration which is strictly against company policy.

Keywords: Originality, Rule Breaker, Instincts, Art, Chinese, Conformity, Chinese Culture

“Sur La Ligne, Variation No. 2” (On The Line) (Quebec)
24:00 Short Film
Dir. Anne-Marie Turcotte, Dir. Mario Calvé

A quiet morning at a sleepy, country-side beach. The ambiance is timeless, vaguely recalling the fifties. A few vacationers are taking in the sunshine. Three children with a fantastic imagination observe and take themselves to a universe of dance, playful and delusional. A mirage without end, poetry in motion, in a decor of sand, sun and water.

Keywords: Youth, Adulthood, Friendship, Angst, Avant Garde, Beaches, Summer Fun, Nostalgia, Vintage

GoGanges_2_200px“Go Ganges!” (India, New York, NY USA)
*Official Closing Film*
1:23:00  Feature Documentary
Dir. J. J. Kelly, Dir. Josh Thomas

Emmy nominated and multiple-award-winning filmmakers Josh Thomas and National Geographic’s J.J. Kelley have made a name for themselves traveling across Alaska’s vast and remote stretches of wilderness. They thrived where few would dare venture. In a fish out of water tale, the two adventurers take their survival skills to a natural wonder, which hosts a population of 400-million. From the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal, where it empties into the Indian Ocean and enduring the impossible, J.J. and Josh attempt to travel the length of the planet’s most populated, holy and polluted river – India’s Ganges River.

Keywords: Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Cultural Issues, Religion, Water Conservation, Extreme Adventure