Toronto Beaches Film Festival 2015 – Winners Announced

4th Annual Toronto Beaches Film Festival July 03-15, 2015

4th Annual Toronto Beaches Film Festival (TBFF) July 03-15, 2015

We are pleased to announce our Winners for the 4th Annual Toronto Beaches Film Festival!

  • ‘Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition’
    • (28:44m, Switzerland) Documentary dir. Christoph von Toggenburg
    • BEST Travel Film
  • ‘Happy Town: Surf Suit
    • (5:22m, Canada) Mocumentary dir. Fred Kroetsch
    • BEST Short Film
  • Life’s A Beach
    • (52:58, United Kingdom) Documentary dir. John Baker
    • BEST Activism Film
  • Single In South Beach Beach
    • (94:14, USA) Film dir. Alejandro Itkin
    • BEST Feature Film
  • Start Local
    • (74:12, Midland, Ontario) Film dir. Nate Lacroix
    • BEST Eco-Friendly Film
  • Strange Rumblings in Shangri La
    • (54:24m, USA) Film/Doc Hybrid dir. Joe Guglielmino (“Joe G”)
    • BEST Surf Film
  • Sybil and Betts: Requiem For A Friendship
    • (43:42m, Canada) Documentary dir. David Bajurny
    • BEST Short Documentary
  • ‘Voyage’
    • (3:20m, London, Canada) Film dir. Shaughn Cameron
    • BEST Kid-Friendly Film
  • Walking In Two Worlds
    • (43:10m, USA) Documentary dir. Bo Boudart
    • BEST Feature Documentary
  • The Paddler Movie
    • (43:10m, Toronto, Canada) Documentary dir. Carey Missler
    • TBFF Spirit Award
    • The TBFF Spirit Award goes to the filmmaker, documentary or documentary subject who most demonstrates the “Indie Spirit”, through pride of film production, promotion of film, audience engagement and producing a memorable contribution on film. This year we give this award to Carey Missler from Team #The PaddlerMovie who embodies this spirit for his tireless efforts in promoting his film and his passion for making films filled with beach culture –

The 5th Annual Toronto Beaches Film Festival will run July 8-9, 2016. See You There!