Beach United, Main Hall
140 Wineva Avenue
Toronto, ON M4E 2T4
TTC: 501 – Queen East at Wineva

Theme: Our Actions Have Consequences

Silverman Luis – 05:39 – Canada Premiere
Dir. Walter Kuechel

Silverman Luis is a portrait of the character that Luis embodies under a streetlight on Gustavo Baz, Naucalpan, State of Mexico, Mexico. Here, this silver-painted street artist juggles before an ephemeral audience, who, depending on their humour will contribute to the finances of Luis, which he uses to support a family of four.

The Metamorphosis of a Bottle Cap – 6:22
Dir. Kathryn Jankowski

A traditionally-made stop motion film is about the ‘Reuse’ of an object beyond its intended purpose and is a celebration of the creativity and ingenuity of local people in developing nations. This animated short highlights the concept that perceptions of what is ‘useful’ and what is ‘garbage’ depend on cultural values. The film emphasizes the important role that cross-cultural exposure plays in broadening perspectives and positively affecting lives.

Indomitable – 20:48 – Canada Premiere
Dir. Linda Sanders

Every July, around 100 ultra-runners will line up at the world’s toughest foot race on earth. The 135-mile race starts in the Death Valley which is the lowest point in North America. From there, the ultra-runners slowly make their way to the highest point in the contiguous United States. The race itself starts at night with a 48-hour course limitation, The long distance adventure is a struggle of the body, mind, and emotions. It’s a gateaway for a reflection of the beauty that life radiates while feeling. In general, humans posses inmate tendency to seek connection with nature for personal benefits.

Mulanje – 48:40 – Canada Premiere
Dir. Garth Kingwill

Three amateur climbers and a filmmaker leave the safety of their everyday lives and travel to a remote corner of Malawi to attempt the biggest climb of their lives, the 1700m west face of Chambe Peak. Tensions run high as the team are pushed to their limits battling the scorching African sun, forest fires, and scarcely believable rumours about vampires living in the area.

Victory Swim – 54:13 – World Premiere
Dir. Matt Yamashita – *In Attendance with Aunt Susan Scarlett*

What do you do when someone you love is diagnosed with a debilitating disease? How can you help ease their pain and fear? How can you give them hope? Endurance athlete Adam Ellenstein asked himself those very questions when his aunt, Susan Scarlett, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The course of this neurodegenerative disease is uncertain, but the future can be bleak… even devastating. Her walking and all her motor skills could be impaired. Her speech could become slurred. She could be wheelchair bound. The answer for Adam is to use what he is best at— ultra-distance endurance sports. His challenge is to swim the 65-mile length of Lake Okanagan in Vancouver, Canada; his goal is to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s; his true purpose is to honor and uplift his aunt and to motivate her to stay active and fit despite the physical obstacles.

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