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Theme: Sometimes You Eat The Bear, And Sometimes, The Bear Eats You

Euphoria- Indescribable Adventure – 21:19
Dir. Linda Sanders

Euphoria: Indescribable Adventure – Short Documentary

Filmed at Manu National Park, deep in the Amazon Rainforest, an unspoiled expanse of boiling jungle and breath-taking cloud forests running from the Andes mountains to the Madre de Dios River. Sondre Amdahl and Tommy Chen begin their journey above the clouds looking down a massive valley along which a single-track road winds through a sea of green. The clouds boil and roll across the canopy below and the air around you is thin enough to double the effort required to move. Descending to UNESCO world heritage site below and making their way through 230km of sweltering jungle, choked with mud and humidity, broken by river crossing after crossing in this extreme marathon.

  • Country: United States
  • Keywords: #Racing #Marathon #Running #ExtremeAdventure #AmazonJungle #Endurance
  • Language: English

Once Upon A Time – The Savannah / Il Était Une Fois – La Savane – 26:26 – Canadian Premiere
Dir. Robert Henno

Once Upon a Time in the Savannah – Short Documentary

Masai Mara – Kenya. The sun rises and ignites the Savannah. A new day begins for all the animals who live in this habitat. The film invites you to follow a few of them over the course of the day. The birth of an antelope calf, lions on the hunt, mother cheetahs and lionesses who tend to their new-borns, as well as the solidarity and bravery of buffaloes when they attempt to save one of their young from the claws of big cats, are just a few of the scenes from their everyday lives that you will discover.

  • Country: Belgium
  • Language: English, French
  • Keywords: #Nature #Animals #Kenya #Elephants #Lions #Buffalo #Earth #CircleOfLife #Savannah #Cheetahs #Calf #AnimalKingdom
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Prone And Alone – 46:28 – World Premiere 
Dir. Robert Eden

Two paddleboarders

Prone and Alone – Feature Documentary

Two friends take on the adventure of a lifetime in Panama searching for the endangered Antillean Manatee to raise awareness for their conservation, whilst trying to break the world record for longest distance prone paddleboarded along Panama’s treacherous shark infested coastline.

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Keywords: #Panama #Manatee #Conservation #Paddleboard #Sharks #ExtremeAdventure #Nature #Survival
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