• Open Call For Films and Documentaries

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The Toronto Beaches Film Festival no longer accepts submissions via mail.

Films in a language other than English must be subtitled.

The Toronto Beaches Film Festival has proved that the Beaches Community craves film culture and we only deliver the Best in FILM GENRES that fit our “vibe”.
Please Note: All Films and Documentaries MUST be a Premiere! In the least an Ontario Premiere. If your film has screened in Ontario, we will not be able to Consider it for Competition.

The TOTAL running time of your film MUST INCLUDE the end credit role to the end. We do not program on time, we program on content. BUT, we need ACCURATE RUN TIMES, to keep our screenings on schedule at the theaters-

Do NOT send us any films without payment. You will have wasted money on postage. Your film will be thrown away if there is no payment. We do NOT offer waivers.

Any Filmmaker who does not enthusiastically promote his/her screening through at least one media (print, radio, TV, Internet: including, FaceBook, Twitter, Blogs, etc) is automatically subject to being pulled at the discretion of the festival-


1) Completion Date
Submitted films must have been completed after September 2015

2) Foreign Films
All foreign language films must have English subtitles.

3) Publicly Screened – Premiere Status

Toronto Beaches Film Festival MUST have a Toronto Premiere to keep your film In Competition.

As well, you must be able to assure us that only 5% or less of your film in its entirety exists on the Internet. Failure to do so will disqualify the film. This does NOT apply to Music Videos. If the entire film exists on the Internet, it must be PASSWORD protected with PRIVATE access only.

Submissions may NOT be withdrawn from Toronto Beaches Film Festival once they have been entered, except at the sole discretion of Toronto Beaches Film Festival will any film be withdrawn.

If a filmmaker has a conflict with premiere status and demands withdrawal, there will be a monetary fine payable to Toronto Beaches Film Festival. This fine must be paid immediately upon receipt of notification from Toronto Beaches Film Festival.

If you accepted screening at another PRIOR festival in Toronto and have kept it quiet from us, your film will be pulled from the final program and you will be fined.

4) Student Films
If you are submitting a student film or as a student, you must currently be enrolled in a recognized film program or a have graduated no earlier than January, 2014 and you must disclose this information including graduation date, city, country, school name & program enrolled in, school web site address etc. along with your entry form. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

5) Selection Process
The festival programmers/reviewers will determine which films will be selected for programming. Their picks along with their scorecards for each film will be turned over to the Toronto Beaches Film Festival Master Programmer, who makes the final programming decisions on what films will ultimately screen during the Toronto Beaches Film Festival.

5a) Selection Process Final Decision
In the event of a disagreement with a program choice or a substitution, the festival director will determine all final selections for screening.

8) Exhibition Media Submission Deadline
Deadline for receipt of Exhibition screener is August 1. NO EXCEPTIONS

9) Selection: If Your Film Is Selected
You will be notified via HIGH PRIORITY EMAIL if your film has been selected approximately 8 weeks prior to the Toronto Beaches Film Festival by the Toronto Beaches Film Festival Admin Staff.

10) If Your Film Is NOT Selected
You will NOT be notified via EMAIL if your film has been NOT been selected. We DO update all the buttons if you submit through online systems. If we do notify you of “non-acceptance” it will be as a courtesy. Feel free to email us for scoring comments.

Toronto Beaches Film Festival does notify some but not all submitters. Please check your WAB account for any notes from the Toronto Beaches Film Festival Submissions Team- If submitting directly at Toronto Beaches Film Festival, check your spam folders and deleted folders for emails from us.