Beach United Church Community Complex
140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4

Theme: Love At 1st Wave – Old Dawgs

The Duck Blind  / La Botte – 10:20 – Canadian Premiere 
Dir. Pablo Poletti

A man shares his secrets to duck hunting as we follow him through a long, demanding day. A peaceful reminder of the importance of patience and silence amidst our daily lives.

  • Country: Italy
  • Language: Italian
  • Keywords: #DuckHunting #Silence #Tradition #Nature #Animals #Ducks
  • Trailer:

The Way – 1:13:00 – Ontario Premiere
Dir. Luke Cameron

The Way – Feature Documentary

An independently made documentary that tells the story of a handful of surfers from New Zealand who have made surfing their lives and careers. It all started when an old surfboard washed ashore in Nelson, New Zealand. The board was refurbished and it turned out it was shaped by legendary charger Peter Way, New Zealand’s first ever national champion in 1963. Current pros Paige Hareb, Billy Stairmand and Ricardo Christie weigh in on what has driven them to success and also hard times. Maz Quinn takes us through becoming the first ever Kiwi to make the world tour of surfing and we’re taken on a journey through the north island of New Zealand to return the old board to the man who made it, Peter Way.

Thursday, Sept 6, 2018, 8_30PM – $ 12 each :
*Single Ticket
Thursday, Sept 6, 2018, 8_30PM – TWO for $ 20 each :
*Two Tickets (Save $4!)