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Theme: Biodiversity Life In Brussels 

Once Upon A Time – An Old Canal
Dir. Robert Henno

Belgium, English, 00:49:47
Nominated for Best Short Documentary, Best Nature Film, Best Conservation Film, Best Environmental Film

Synopsis: Almost two centuries ago, a canal was dug out to allow barges to transport coal from Charleroi to Brussels. Over the years, the construction has been transformed to allow larger, faster barges to pass through. Deep trenches and sloping surfaces have replaced the meanderings and numerous locks which used to enable steep inclines to be crossed. The authorities were wise enough not to eradicate the abandoned stretches of the old canal. Very quickly, nature reclaimed its rightful place with an abundant and varied fauna and flora which colonised these segments. The film invites you to discover the richness of this biodiversity throughout the seasons.

Keywords: #Environment #Conservation #Birds #Nature #Water #BioDiversity