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Theme: Horse Life  

Desert Flight
Dir. John Azoni, Samia Staehle
Canada, United States, English, 00:39:00
Nominated for Best Equine Film, Best Short Documentary, Best Sports Film

Synopsis: An inside look at the only Olympic sport to involve male, female and animal participants. The sport of show jumping relies on the unique relationship between horse and rider. In Desert Flight we see why people dedicate so much to the equestrian life.

Keywords: #Horses #ShowJumping #Animals #Nature #Equine #Equesterian #Olympics #Human #Beast

Wild Hearts
Dir. Inder Nirwan
Canada, English, 00:15:11
Nominated for Best Equine Film, Best Short Documentary, Best Nature Film

Synopsis: A mini documentary about the wild horses of Alberta.

Keywords: #Horses #WildHorses #Animals #Nature #Equine #Veterinary

The Long Ride Home
Dir. Steve Haining
Canada, English, 01:01:00
Nominated for Best Equine Film, Best First Nations Film, Best Feature Documentary

Synopsis: The over representation of First Nations children in child-care, stems from decades of suffering and inter-generational trauma. The infliction of these deeply stressing and disturbing experiences has led to dangerous coping methods, incarceration and often death amongst Indigenous populations. A brave group of Natives leave on a nomadic horseback journey 600 kilometers through the Canadian prairies. They come from different many cultures but are connected by their stories. With strengthening spirit and traditions, they attempt to spark change, bring awareness to large and growing numbers of missing Indigenous women, ’60s scoop survivors and, bring their children home.

Keywords: #Horses #WildHorses #Animals #Nature #Equine #FirstNations #IntergenerationalTrauma #culture #Tradition #Catharctic